Tropics Come Alive in So Cal

Lewis Events luau welcome

A beautiful Southern California Saturday found the tropics alive and well on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Hospital staff and families totaling about 1,000, were welcomed to the islands for an afternoon of scrumptious food, lively music, amazing entertainment, and spectacular guest activities.

Brave guests came to the stage to participate in the hula challenge, crafting creative hula outfits from a mystery bag of materials. After their colorful wardrobes were complete they danced the hula with all the energy they could muster. The crowd chose the hula challenge winners with their cheers and applause. Guests also enjoyed a variety of games and activities spread throughout the park including the limbo bar, tiki toss, fish squirt races, jumpers, and more.

The Island Review performance took the crowd on a wonderful tour of the Pacific islands through live music, dance, and stories. Show costumes were amazing and the performers’ energy was captivating.