Sometimes Our House Is Such A Zoo!

Running your own company means that you often live and hopefully love what you do!  We do both.  Work sometimes comes home with us.  Despite the fact that we have storage for our myriad of props and unique special event items, we still live amongst the madness and the fun. So do our children.  They do indeed have a unique upbringing.  When our kids are asked, “What do your parents do?”,  their answer is always, “They just go to parties all the time”.  No matter how hard we try to seperate our personal life from our business life, the two still seem to overlap.  Guests often comment on our unique approach to decorating . . . . Hmmmm, very interesting furniture and decor. . . . Statue of Liberty in the entry way,  Tiki in the family room, animals in the kithcen, movie lights in the living room, or the giant shark head next to the kids video screen.  All taken together, that’s why we sometimes feel like we live in a zoo.

Kitchen Jungle Edited

We were recently asked to create a jungle theme  for a large company picnic.  So we did, and had loads of fun in the experience.  Join us for a few shots of another exciting day on the job.Safari Tent EditedZebra EditedRed Bird EditedJunle river editedEmily Bird 2 editedLion Editedturtle editedGorilla EditedGray Bird Edited