Beach Front Teambuilding

Blue WhaleWhat do you do with a group of company executives that have been tied up in meetings all morning?  On a beautiful southern California day?  At the beach? . . . . You take them down to the shore, divide them up into groups and encourage some competitive team building excitement.Lewis Events Team BuildingLewis Events Team Building

On a recent beautiful west coast afternoon Lewis Events hosted a group of approximately 100 company executives for an enthusiastic, loud, sand flying and lightning fast round of games and competion.  It all started with Minute-to-Win-It style games designed specifically for the occasion.  Based on how well each team competed during the games, winners were awarded bags of tools, materials and props that could be used in the next event.  I knew you would ask.  What was the next event?Lewis Events Team BuildingLewis Events Team Building

Each of the ten teams were presented with a bucket of tools and a section of beach front real estate to create their sand-sculpting masterpiece.  The clock started ticking and the sand begin to fly.  It was a blur of activity as the teams magically transformed buckets and shovel fulls of sand into their creation.  Everyone had their specific duties.  It was amazing to see the wide range of sand-sculpting designs when the teams finished.Lewis Events Team BuildingLewis Events Team Building

Each of the sculptures were judged in a variety of categories, and awards were presented at a banquet later in the evening.  A fun group of people and a great location were the ideal combination for a memorable teambuilding activity.